Course Audits

and testing

If you’re launching a new online course, relaunching an existing course or wondering why your students are struggling

an audit will help

Software has quality control and products have focus groups but until now the only way to get feedback on your course was to publish it and cross your fingers.

But what if you could launch your course and be absolutely certain there are no learning gaps, no holes and all your students will have an engaging learning experience?

That’s the exact peace of mind a course audit brings.

Audits Aren’t Sexy

But they’re so needed in this day of information as a commodity.

If you’re not 100% certain your course is engaging and brings more to the table than your students can find with a simple google search – an audit will take all the second guessing and finger crossing out of the equation.

If you have a new course launching soon, an existing course you’d like to relaunch or a course that isn’t performing as well as you think it should – then seriously – get it audited already!

Why are they so important?

There are far too many shoddy online courses out there – both from an instructional design standpoint and a student experience one.

The result? Thousands of online courses with average completion rates of 8-12%, and getting worse.

If only 8% of people graduated from University you bet people would be paying attention – and trying to fix the problem.

And that’s where I come in – I make sure your course meets the high standards students have today so that it doesn’t sit there collecting digital dust and actually gets results for people.

I never had a problem selling my course, but I had a problem delivering the course in a way that got people showing up, doing the work and completing it. I knew my course got results from previous rounds from super crazy driven people who took action but the rest of us needed way more accountability to show the hell up.

That’s why I hired you. To help me structure my course so I’d get way more people completing it, reaping the rewards, making more sales in their business + become my walking talking marketing team.

I’m so happy to report that every single step of the course people are raving about how I’ve managed to create a course that gets them showing up, writing and actually LOVING IT.

They’re so active.

And because they’re showing up doing they work, it’s working.

They’re getting the best results.

So, thank you Gabrielle for helping me really help my peeps. 🙂

Elizabeth McKenzie, The Copy Word

Launch your course with complete confidence.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

What can you expect?

When we start, you’ll provide full access to your online course and any marketing materials you’ll be using to attract students (sales pages, social media posts, email drip campaigns, etc.) – then I’ll get to work going through everything for you.

I use a 40+ point scorecard I’ve created over the years of working with clients and their courses. This scorecard helps me go over your course with a fine toothed comb and rate it using qualities found across your planning, creating, delivery and promotional pillars.

You’ll receive a detailed report outlining your score – complete with key takeaways and actionable steps you can take right away to increase the value of your course.

If you purchase the Pro audit we’ll also hop on a zoom call to go over everything in the report and talk about how you can take this feedback and really make your course kick ass.

What you’ll really get

If you’re dedicated to the quality of your course, an audit is going to give you some big wins to make it better and more valuable to your students.

You’ll get clarity on your next steps to implement the report findings and be confident in your course’s ability to meet your impact and profit goals moving forward.

DIY Course Audit For those who want to audit their course themselves, in their own time.


Do It Yourself option:

  • Fillable pdf (same one I use)
  • Walkthrough video


Pro Course Audit Get deeper insights and pick the brain of an instructional designer


With professional insights:

  • Completed report done for you
  • 30 min, recorded 1 on 1 video call for deeper insights