Work With a

New Partner

There are tons of moving parts

in an online course.

(Captain obvious award goes to me – thank you very much.)

But when you work with someone who has experience in creating, managing and promoting courses online – it takes away a lot of the risk of bringing this into your business.

Done right, an online course has the power to intensely transform the face of your business, the lives of your people the amount of freedom in your life.

And when you get it wrong? They can be a GINORMOUS waste of time, money and energy.

So move away from the risk and towards the transformation – sound good? Alright…

Just Getting


If you’re starting to create a course and want guidance, I have a few options that would suit you perfectly.

Check Them Out!

In the midst of


If you’re smack dab in the middle of creating your online course and need. some. help. Hit me up – I’m your girl.

Help me please!

My course needs

to be better

Already have a course and want to make it better? There are a few ways I can help you knock it out of the park.

Let’s do this!

Investing in your online course saves you

time, money and energy

And maybe it’s the old lady in me but I’m all about saving all three of those. So stop worrying about clipping proverbial coupons and commit to doing right by your course – and your people.

You’re just getting started and want to

make sure you get it right

I can support you in several ways – some of them free (woot!). My mission is helping ALL course creators – so there’s something below perfect for you.

You’re in the trenches and

just need some help

Making sure the many parts of a successful online course line up can be a big headache. I can help in any part of the process, supporting you to relieve the pressure.

  • Make sure the materials for your course are stellar with a course design package.
  • Deliver your course right with a platform setup or transfer service.
  • Keep the finger on the pulse of your course with engagement and feedback loop setup services.
  • Make your course stand out with a customized for you course platform
  • Get a customized and powerful online course sales funnel created – from start to finish.
  • Imagine emails that engage and sell – specifically for your online course.
  • Contact me for more information on custom course services

You’re course is already published but

you want to make it better

If you have an existing course you’d like to make better – I’m your gal. Maintaining an online course after launch and making sure it stays relevant and engaging is super important (but you already knew that right?)

Online course audits

I do a full 40 point inspection of your course and offer techniques and strategies to make it better. Audits aren’t sexy but damn are they important.
Learn more about getting your course audited.

Course management packages

Want me on your team? Then this is the way to do it. I manage everything related to your course over a period of 6 or 12 months. I customize the package to suit your needs because we both know not everything is like the value menu.
Get more information on course management packages.